Today’s quick hits, Jan. 31, 2022

Cover-crop tractor: In an effort to improve drinking water in Des Moines, Polk County will buy a $600,000 high-clearance tractor that can sow seeds for cover crops between rows of corn. Critics say the device will have a tiny impact in a vast watershed. (Iowa Capitol Dispatch)

RFS compliance deadlines: Despite complaints by trade groups, the EPA extended the deadlines for oil refiners to comply with the Renewable Fuel Standard for 2020, 2021 and 2022, and said beginning in 2023 the deadline for compliance with each year’s RFS will come after it has finalized the standard for the subsequent year. (EPA)

Five USDA appointments: President Biden appointed five USDA state directors, including Deborah Tannenbaum, the Florida deputy agriculture commissioner, as state director of the Farm Service Agency in Florida. (White House)

Meyer sees opportunities: Speaking at a renewable fuels conference, USDA chief economist Seth Meyer said “there are definitely opportunities” for larger sales, and pointed to sustainable aviation fuel and E15, a higher blend of ethanol into gasoline, as examples. (Market to Market)

‘Plenty’ for Walmart: As part of its investment in the startup Plenty, Walmart said it will begin shipping leafy greens from Plenty’s indoor farm in Southern California to its stores across the state later this year. (Adweek)