Today’s quick hits, Jan. 29, 2020

Along the river, early flood threats (WPR): Ice jams forming along the Mississippi River threaten to flood parts of Wisconsin, as wet conditions and high water persist in the region.

Big meat deal (Meat + Poultry): The Brazilian beef company JBS penned a deal with China’s dominant pork company WH Group to export over $700 million of beef and poultry to China.

Live export trade breeds ‘floating feedlots’ (Guardian): The live export trade that moves millions of sheep and cattle across the oceans each year is facilitated by outdated cargo ships that pose a threat to animal welfare.

Green groups protest controversial aquaculture proposal (WTSP): Environmental groups protested in Sarasota, Florida, in advance of a hearing on whether EPA should approve the first pilot aquaculture project in federally-controlled ocean waters.

Lab-grown shrimp? (Reuters): Shiok Meats, a Singapore-based startup, is aiming¬† to be the world’s first company to serve lab-grown shrimp.