Today’s quick hits, Jan. 24, 2022

Sons inherit farms: Half of Iowa farmland is owned by women, but there is a gender imbalance in farm succession planning: Nearly six in 10 farmers choose sons and only 8 percent choose daughters to take over the farm. (CARD)

Volcanic agriculture threat: Agriculture is the occupation of most Tongans and initial estimates say 85 percent of the nation’s agricultural households were affected by the eruption of an underwater volcano. (FAO)

Soy beats corn: A Farm Futures survey found farmers will plant more land to soybeans than corn this spring due to high prices for fertilizer and other inputs; 2018 was the first time soybeans exceeded corn plantings. (Farm Futures)

Rapid rural spread: For the second week in a row, rural counties set a record for the number of new cases of Covid-19. (Daily Yonder)

Climate and BBB: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats will “continue to advance the provisions of the Build Back Better Act, including those related to child care and family care, health care, and climate.” (Pelosi)