Today’s quick hits, Jan. 20, 2023

Bayer sued: Public Citizen sued Bayer in federal court Thursday, claiming the agro-chemical giant violated the civil rights of a plaintiff in a Roundup-related case when it pulled out of a settlement because the plaintiff is not a U.S. citizen. (Investigate Midwest)

Return to supply management: The new farm bill should reinstate so-called supply management, in which farmers agree to limit plantings of major crops, such as corn and soybeans, in exchange for federal price supports, said a consumer group. (Food and Water Watch)

Oklahoma wins water case: After ruling that the poultry industry was to blame for pollution of the Illinois River, a 145-mile tributary of the Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma, U.S. district judge Gregory Frizzell gave all parties in the lawsuit until March 17 to agree on a remedy. (Tulsa World)

Making wine while Latino: Although Edgar Torres, a boutique vintner on California’s Central Coast, stands out in a competitive market, “he finds himself managing other people’s expectations of what it means to be a Latino winery owner.” (Los Angeles Times)

Three-state eHIP test: Up to $25 million will be divided among three states to run an Electronic Healthy Incentives Pilot through their EBT systems to see if it can encourage food stamp recipients to buy more fruits and vegetables. (USDA)