Today’s quick hits, Feb. 4, 2021

Treated like trash: The pandemic has exacerbated long-standing complaints about substandard working and living conditions for farmworkers in California, according to the Covid-19 Farmworker Study. It’s “as if we are useless trash you can throw away,” said one worker. (Fresno Bee)

Vegan food pantries: In response to hunger during the pandemic, vegans have organized food pantries in a number of cities that specialize in food for people who do not eat animal products. (Axios)

India farm protests: Authorities shut down the internet in several areas near New Delhi, India’s capital, following clashes between police and farmers who oppose the government’s agricultural reforms. (CNN)

Pay raise at grocery chain: Trader Joe’s has temporarily boosted its “thank you premium” by $2 an hour for its frontline workers, a response to calls in various cities for “hero pay” for wage workers in groceries and pharmacies. (Seattle Times)

Greater vegetable variety: Americans are eating a wider variety of vegetables than they did 20 years ago, with legumes and dark green, red, and orange vegetables becoming more common while potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, and beets have fallen in popularity. (The Packer)