Today’s Quick Hits, Feb. 4, 2020

China trade deal delay ahead? (Bloomberg): The coronavirus outbreak in China could delay the country’s purchases of U.S. farm products, agreed to by President Trump and the Chinese government in mid-January.

Millennials haven’t killed coffee creamer (Wall Street Journal): Food companies are attempting to meet higher demand for coffee creamers among young shoppers by adding plant-based dairy alternatives and novelty flavors to their lineups.

Crabs face climate change (OPB): A new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that ocean acidification is already degrading the shells of Dungeness crab, much sooner than scientists expected.

Blockchain for U.S. food exports? (Yahoo Finance): The Food Safety and Inspection Service is working with IBM to determine if blockchain can help it certify that U.S. food exports are “up to snuff.”

Impossible Food’s scatological Super Bowl ad spat (CNET): A TV ad during the game claimed the Impossible Burger contains laxatives, so Impossible fired back on YouTube, saying meat contains feces.