Today’s quick hits, Feb. 28, 2022

Fastest growth in decade: Farmland values soared 30 percent or more in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota in the final months of 2021, “the fastest rate of growth since 2012 and 2013” in the four Federal Reserve districts surveyed. (Kansas City Federal Reserve)

Roller-coaster grain markets: U.S. futures prices for wheat fell 75 cents, the daily limit, a day after shooting “limit up” because Russia invaded Ukraine; both are leading global wheat exporters. (Successful Farming)

Farm cheated workers: The Labor Department said a potato farm in southeastern Idaho failed to pay $159,000 to so-called guestworkers and threatened to fire the workers and send them home if they did not accept the lower wages. (Idaho Statesman)

Farmers in space: With the global population growing and climate change threatening the world’s arable land, several companies are contemplating food production in space, among them Aleph Farms, based in Israel and a producer of cell-cultured meat. (Modern Farmer)