Today’s quick hits, Feb. 24, 2021

H-2A wages up modestly: Wages for H-2A guestworkers this year will be about 5 percent higher than in 2020, according to the Labor Department, after a legal battle over the former administration’s proposals to change the formula. (Farmworker Justice)

Strain of avian influenza infects people: For the first time, the H5N8 strain of avian influenza has been found in humans, infecting seven workers at a poultry plant in southern Russia. (CIDRA)

Global food security: U.S. investment in agricultural economies overseas is an important step to alleviate global hunger and malnutrition, says a think tank report aimed at the Biden administration. (Chicago Council on Global Affairs)

Deere still blocking customer repairs: The world’s largest manufacturer of farm equipment, Deere and Co., signed an agreement to make repair tools, software and diagnostic equipment available for sale to farmers who want to repair their own equipment but two reports say Deere isn’t keeping its part of the deal. (Extreme Tech)

China emphasizes food: The “No. 1 document” of the Chinese government calls for development of rural industries as a way to improve the standard of living, calling for more self-reliance in grain and poultry. (Global Times)