Today’s quick hits, Feb. 14, 2022

Food is the economy: When Americans rate the economy, 73 percent think about the price of food and services, 63 percent think of gas prices, 53 percent think of the pandemic and 47 percent think of unemployment, says a poll finding an upturn in confidence in the economy. (CBS News)

Shoot feral cattle: A federal judge refused to block a USDA plan to use a helicopter to shoot feral cattle in Gila National Forest in New Mexico over the objections of local ranchers. (Drovers)

Lujan ‘doing well’: New Mexico Sen. Ben Ray Lujan, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, said he expects a full recovery from a stroke on Jan. 27 and will return to work “in just a few short weeks.” (Washington Post)

Vaquita protections: The United States requested environmental consultations with Mexico under the USMCA to discuss protection of the endangered vaquita porpoise. (U.S. trade representative)

Fortenberry delay: A federal judge delayed till March 15 the trial date for Nebraska Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, who is accused of lying to FBI agents about illegal contributions to his 2016 re-election campaign. (KETV)