Today’s quick hits, December 4, 2019

An effort to save biodiversity (NPR): A team of scientists has been traveling across the world to collect wild relatives of crop species that humans depend on. They hope to preserve genetic diversity in the face of climate change.

Cargill goes green(er) (Star Tribune): Cargill announced expanded efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain and signed onto a coalition that opposes the U.S.’s exit from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Green light for hemp banking (New York Times): Federal and state regulators scrapped burdensome regulations that required bankers to treat hemp entrepreneurs as if they might be laundering drug money.

Raising a stink about anaerobic digesters (New Food Economy): Manure digesters turn livestock waste into biogas, a “green” byproduct for industrial farms, but critics say the digesters create a dirty-burning fuel.

Women farmers in Alaska (Modern Farmer): Women account for 47 percent of farmers in Alaska, far above the U.S. average of 36 percent, possibly because small farms are booming.