Today’s quick hits, December 11, 2019

A Blue New Deal (Warren): Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren rolled out her “Blue New Deal,” a plan for ocean policy and fisheries management under her administration.

A new salad outbreak (FDA): U.S. and Canadian health agencies are investigating the outbreak of food-borne illness linked to a company’s salad kits that contain romaine lettuce; the bacteria is different than the strain linked to romaine from the Salinas, California, region.

Online groceries fail in rural areas (Modern Farmer): A test of online grocery shopping found the service was rarely available in rural food deserts, with 70 percent of rural tracts rated as “undeliverable” in a test of the idea, said researchers.

Fifteen will mean 15 this time (Reuters): Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, who has accused the EPA of backsliding on biofuels, said administration officials assured him that the RFS for 2020 will carry out a September agreement for consumption of 15 billion gallons of ethanol.

Oceans losing oxygen (CBS News): The earth’s oceans are running out of oxygen and climate change, responsible for half of the oxygen loss in upper water levels,  is exacerbating the problem, said a study released at the UN climate conference.