Today’s quick hits, Dec. 9, 2019

It’s a Wonderful lawsuit (Los Angeles Times): Wonderful Co., a giant in the pistachio business, sued Fresno County in a bid to keep one of its suppliers from building a processing plant and going into business as a competitor.

Cod fishing moratorium in Gulf of Alaska (NPR): A federal agency shut down cod fishing in the Gulf of Alaska during the 2020 season because warming waters linked to climate change are depleting the cod population.

The veterinarian who was hired to milk cows (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): Short of hired hands, some U.S. dairy farms are using a visa program for high-skilled workers to hire Mexican veterinarians and engineers so they can use them as manual labor to clean barns or milk cows.

EU decides to ban chlorpyrifos (Brussels Times): EU member states voted to ban the insecticide chlorpyrifos, with a three-month grace period expected in early 2020 to eliminate supplies.

Meat, oils drive food-price increase (FAO): Meat prices rose by the largest amount in one month since May 2009 and vegetable oil prices were the highest in 18 months as the Food Price Index, which tracks prices for five major groups of commodities, reached its highest reading, 177.2 points, since September 2017.