Today’s quick hits, Dec. 11, 2020

Smallest soy stockpile in seven years: After swelling to a record 909 million bushels two years ago, the U.S. soybean stockpile will plunge to 175 million bushels by next Aug. 30, as exports return to volumes not seen since the start of the trade war with China. (USDA)

Shoplifting as hunger soars: Retailers, police, and security experts say that shoplifting has become much more common during the pandemic, and that there is “a growing subset of Americans who are stealing food to survive.” (Washington Post)

Dolphins threatened by extinction: All four known freshwater dolphin species are threatened with extinction, said the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which reported that 31 species overall have gone extinct since it issued its previous “Red List” of threatened species. (Associated Press)

Sesame as an allergen: The Senate passed a bill requiring that sesame be labeled as an allergen, though a similar vote is needed in the House before Congress adjourns for the year if the bill is to become law. (Allergic Living)

Coronavirus at Foster Farms plants: Poultry processor Foster Farms is coping with Covid-19 outbreaks at three plants in the Central Valley, two in Fresno and one in Livingston. (KQED)