Today’s quick hits, August 15, 2018

Can it! (Washington Post): A network of publicly funded canneries once helped Americans store their harvests throughout the year. Today, they’re used less frequently, but remain a staple of some communities.

Towns want EPA to fix PFAS contamination (AP): Communities across the country are calling on the EPA to clean up local water systems that contain high levels of PFAS chemicals.

Pence plumps for ‘accidental incumbent’ (Axios): Rep. David Young, who represents the southwestern quadrant of Iowa, is in one of the five most competitive House races in the country. Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to make a pitch for Young, called the “accidental incumbent” by one political analyst, in a visit to Des Moines today that is twinned with a speech on the Trump tax cuts.

End glyphosate use in three years (Reuters): A spokesman for Germany’s environment ministry said use of glyphosate-based weedkillers should be halted during the current legislative period, which ends in three years.

EPA chief says E15 must be a package deal (Cedar Rapids Gazette): During an interview, acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler hedged on how he would preserve the ethanol mandate and indicated that approval of year-round sale of E15 likely will be part of a package deal that also helps the oil industry.

Sams is new Oregon State dean of ag (OSU): Alan Sams, associate dean of one of the largest agricultural colleges in the nation at Texas A&M, will become dean of the college of agricultural sciences at Oregon State University on October 31.