Today’s quick hits, August 14, 2019

New Jersey lags behind on cottage laws (New York Times): New Jersey is the last state where it’s still illegal to sell homemade foods for profit. Three aspiring entrepreneurs are suing the state health department to push the issue.

Rebuilding underway after Tyson fire (Harvest Public Media): A fire at a Tyson plant in Kansas that processes 5 percent of the nation’s cattle could have a noticeable impact on national cattle prices.

Soda tax fight goes to statehouses (Politico): The soda industry is finding success by seeking passage of state pre-emption laws to block local taxes on sugary beverages; at least four states have adopted the bans and three others have considered them.

No beef in the canteen (CNN): Goldsmiths University in London will take beef off the menu at its canteens and cafes when the school year opens in September, part of a series of steps to respond to climate change.

The red strawberry goes rosé (New Yorker): The behemoth of berries, Driscoll’s, is selling a rosé strawberry in limited quantities this summer, “the least red berry” ever and a blush color that may appeal to the millennial color palette.

Opposition to weaker ESA (New York Times): An array of critics, including environmental groups and Democratic state attorneys general, say they will to go to court to block a Trump administration plan to weaken the Endangered Species Act.