Today’s quick hits, August 13, 2019

Life after an ICE raid (New York Times): In the wake of last week’s raids at seven Mississippi poultry plants, family members of detained workers returned to the plants to pick up left-behind tools and abandoned cars, and to ponder what comes next for the plants’ employees.

Don’t underestimate China’s will (FERN’s Ag Insider): People’s Daily, the voice of the Chinese Communist Party, “will publish a long article Tuesday vowing China can defeat any challenge and pressure of the U.S.,” tweeted Hu Xijin of the Global Times, saying it would be a stronger statement than any remarks by U.S. officials in the trade war.

Planting-prevented acres top 19 million (USDA): Producers reported they were unable to plant crops on 19.4 million acres this year, three-fourths of them in the Midwest. At this point a year ago, the prevented-planting total was fewer than 2 million acres.

China to use less corn (Reuters): The country’s Agriculture Ministry lowered its estimate of corn consumption in the year ahead by 2 million tonnes because an epidemic of African swine fever has reduced the number of hogs that need to be fed.