Today’s quick hits, Aug. 31, 2020

Foster Farms to clean Covid-hit plant: Foster Farms said it comply with local health officials and temporarily close and “deep clean” a poultry plant where eight workers have died of Covid-19 and at least  392 workers have tested positive for the coronavirus. (Los Angeles Times)

Americans turn to candy during pandemic: Sales of chocolate are up 5.5 percent during the pandemic, and overall sales of candy and chocolate are up 3.8 percent. (National Confectioners Association)

Small blueberry crop in Maine: This year’s wild blueberry crop in Maine could be a “disaster” — half of the record seen in 2014 — due to warm winters that limit the growing area. (BBC)

Planting a prairie in Kansas: In the Kansas City suburbs, Big Bull Creek Park is the site of the largest prairie restoration project in the metropolitan area, with plans to eventually return 500 acres to tall-grass prairie. (Harvest Public Media)

Kentucky to go it alone on hemp: Members of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association said they will form “a new state-focused organization” with a new name after a falling out with the national Hemp Industries Association. (Hemp Today)