Today’s quick hits, Aug. 29, 2022

Butterfly’s numbers surge: The large blue butterfly, one of Europe’s most endangered insects, had its best summer in 150 years in the UK, where it was once thought to be extinct. (BBC)

Tribes head back to land: Through classes, seed banks and plantings, Native Americans across the United States are reclaiming their agricultural roots, growing healthy foods and aiming for self-sufficiency. (The New York Times)

Farmers choose ‘green gold’: In Spain, farmers in one of the country’s poorest regions are plowing up wheat fields and vineyards and planting pistachios, a lucrative, drought-resistant crop. (The Guardian)

Wolves in the Northeast?: Wolves were effectively shot, trapped and poisoned out of the Northeast by the start of the 20th century, but some advocates claim that the apex predator is back. (Associated Press)

Redirecting water in Oregon: The Three Sisters Irrigation District, near Bend, has spent much of the past two decades re-engineering a creek in an effort to save the farms in his district. (Bloomberg)