Today’s Quick Hits, Aug. 26, 2019

Corn, soy crop forecast declines (ProFarmer): The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour on Friday projected the corn crop at 13.358 billion bushels this year, down from the USDA’s August forecast of 13.9 billion bushels, the smallest since 2013. It also pegged the soybean crop at 3.497 billion bushels, down from the 3.68 billion bushels projected by the USDA in August.

Labor contractor under scrutiny (Investigate Midwest): Farmworkers with H-2A temporary work visas status were forced to work with little food and water in Missouri, losing money in the process.

Can ‘phage therapy’ solve ag’s ABX problem? (Scientific American): Researchers are excited about the prospect of “using viruses known as bacteriophages to kill pathogenic bacteria.”

Court dismisses suit over ‘other white meat’ payments (Agri-Pulse): Judges say an Iowa farmer failed to prove that the National Pork Board’s payments to National Pork Producers Council for the “Pork: The Other White Meat” trademark harmed him economically.

Taking food allergens seriously (NPR): European food makers are required to list up to 14 food allergens, and some restaurants refuse service to people with allergies because they can’t guarantee an allergen-free meal.