Today’s quick hits, Aug. 22, 2022

Carbon pipelines complicate politics: Iowa labor unions might back the Republican candidate in a state Senate race over the Democrat who opposes carbon-capture pipelines. It’s the latest sign of how Iowa’s love of ethanol scrambles political alignments. (Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Deere sales bound upward: Deere and Co., the world’s largest farm equipment maker, said net sales during the third quarter of its fiscal year were 25-percent higher than the same period in 2021, despite higher production costs and “the difficult supply-chain situation.” (Deere)

UFW march to Sacramento: Members of the United Farm Workers are staging a three-week march to the state Capitol with a dual purpose: to support a bill affecting unionization balloting and to show the new vibrancy of the farmworker movement. (Los Angeles Times)

Alaskan snow crabs vanish: The cause of a sudden collapse in the Alaskan snow crab population in the Bering Sea is unclear, but a NOAA scientist says the possibilities include an extreme heat wave in 2019, or perhaps there was a “large mortality event.” (Washington Post)

Most say food is affordable: Despite the highest food inflation rate in years, 58.9 percent of consumers said in a survey earlier this month that U.S. food is affordable, only slightly changed from the 59.1 percent in a May survey. (farmdoc daily)