Today’s quick hits, April 8, 2020

Beer industry at risk (Brewers Association): As much as 50 percent of the country’s independent breweries could close in a matter of weeks or months as public health measures keep people home.

Demand outpaces supply of restaurant relief (Eater): Within a few days of opening, some applications for relief funds for restaurants were suspended due to overwhelming demand.

Coronavirus at two Canadian plants (Meatingplace): Canadian meat processor Maple Leaf Foods said two Ontario plants will remain in operation after tests confirmed coronavirus infections in two employees.

Pima cotton an option in Texas (USDA): Upland cotton is the dominant variety in Texas but Agricultural Research Service scientists say Pima, valued for longer fibers, could be more profitable than higher-yielding Upland if irrigation water is not available or limited in supply.

Coronavirus meals for free (NYC Ed): The city Department of Education said all adults and children can pick up three free meals a day at more than 400 Meal Hubs operating throughout the city from breakfast to lunchtime.

CBD drug is no longer on DEA list (Cannabis Wire): An epilepsy drug derived from cannabis was the first CBD drug approved by the FDA and now is the first to be removed from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of controlled substances.

Checking up on unfinished 2019 harvest (USDA): Farmers in Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin will be asked this month how much corn and soybeans they were able to harvest from fields blanketed by winter storms.