Today’s quick hits, April 28, 2022

Earth in crisis: Up to 40 percent of the land on Earth is degraded, affecting half of the world’s population, said a UN report that calls on governments and industries to preserve ecosystems and rehabilitate damaged lands. (Inside Climate News)

Inflation tests meat demand: With high retail prices expected to last through 2022, Americans “may trade down at the meat case” to stretch their grocery dollar, a shift that would benefit chicken sales and hurt beef. (CoBank)

‘Dessert for breakfast’: Food companies should stop selling breakfast foods to schools that contain as much sugar as the cookies they sell for dessert at home, said the Center for Science in the Public Interest. (CSPI)

Fertilizer costs threaten harvests: High fertilizer prices “cast a shadow on future harvests” around the world, especially in low-income countries, where farmers will be priced out of the market and have to accept lower yields. (IFPRI)