Today’s quick hits, April 27, 2023

Right to repair: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, over the objections of equipment manufacturers, signed legislation making the state the first in the nation with a right-to-repair law for agriculture. (Associated Press)

Bills update food labels: Companion House and Senate bills would modernize food labeling laws to require front-of-package nutrition labels so consumers can easily identify foods that are high in salt, sugar, and saturated fats. (Center for Science in the Public Interest)

More wheat in Canada: Responding to high prices and strong demand, farmers will sow 27 million acres of wheat in Canada this year, the largest plantings in more than two decades and 6 percent more than last year. (Statistics Canada)

Return of a lake: Tulare Lake, drained decades ago to create farmland in California’s Central Valley, has filled with runoff from a wet winter, and it could take two years for the water to drain away. (CNBC)

Tourism boosts mountain communities: The world’s 10 most mountainous countries, which see only 8 percent of international tourists, could benefit economically while preserving natural resources and culture if tourism is managed sustainably. (FAO and World Tourism Organization)