Today’s quick hits, April 24, 2019

Missouri farmers want flood aid, too (KCUR): Gov. Mike Parson was expected to request a federal disaster declaration for flooded areas of northwestern Missouri, just downstream from parts of Nebraska and Iowa inundated by floods.

Who needs a supermarket? (Longreads): Retailer Rich Niemann and architect Kevin Kelley believe the supermarket of the future will be “a place where farmers and their urban customers can meet, a crucial link between the city and the country.”

The lobster and the whale (AP): The federal team trying to save the increasingly rare right whale is meeting this week to consider ways to reduce the risk of the whales becoming entangled in commercial lobster-fishing equipment off the New England coast.

Ag sector needs economic disaster package (NDFU): Ahead of a visit by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, the president of the North Dakota Farmers Union said “it is time for an economic disaster package that includes all commodities impacted by low prices due to trade and energy waivers.”

Registry needed for gene-edited crops (CSPI): Greg Jaffe, biotechnology project director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, proposes the government establish a national registry of gene-edited crops.