Today’s quick hits, April 22, 2021

A role for biofuels: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the administration’s infrastructure plan would support “all forms of advanced renewable energy, including biofuels, which has to be part of how we can get to that net-zero goal by the middle of the century.” (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

Supporting soil health: The National Institute of Food and Agriculture will invest $21.7 million in several key programs, including soil health, to help farmers and ranchers mitigate the impact of climate change on agriculture. (USDA)

Food safety, edible insects: More than 2,000 insect species are consumed as food in 140 nations around the world, but their possible role as a larger source of food must be weighed against potential safety risks, said the FAO. (Food Safety News)

For the birds: Sixty percent of landowners in two counties in the Sand Hills of Nebraska said they were willing to delay the hay harvest until after July 15 so that grassland-dwelling birds such as meadowlarks and greater prairie-chickens could hatch their offspring safely. (University of Nebraska)