Today’s quick hits, April 19, 2023

Teen labor bill advances: The Iowa state Senate passed and sent to the House a bill that allows 14-to-17-year-olds to work up to six hours a day in industries such as roofing, demolition and manufacturing as part of a school or employer training program. (Iowa Capital Dispatch)

School meal potholes: North Dakota state senators defeated a bill to make school meals free for all students while Virginia and Montana legislators sidelined universal school meal legislation. In April, 22 states were considering free meals for all. (K-12 Dive)

Dry wells in California: Despite recent storms, chronic overpumping of groundwater by agriculture has left homeowners with dry wells. (Los Angeles Times)

SNAP hearing time change: The Senate Agriculture subcommittee hearing on SNAP and other nutrition programs in the farm bill will begin Wednesday at noon. (Senate Ag)