Today’s quick hits, April 19, 2021

Western water shortage: The federal government could issue its first-ever declaration of a water shortage in the Colorado River basin in the coming months, threatening supplies to farms and cities in Arizona and Nevada. (Associated Press)

Do chickens go with veggies?: Researchers in California are trying to quantify the bottom line for organic vegetable farmers, in terms of revenue, soil health, insect control and food safety, of what used to be a common sight — chickens scratching in vegetable plots. (UC Agriculture and Natural Resources)

More land being sold: Farmers National Co., one of the largest U.S. farm-management and real estate companies, said it sold 59 percent more acres in the past six months than during the same period one year earlier, due to rising private sales and heightened interest among farmers and investors in good cropland. (Farmers National)

Tackling food inequity: Food banks are adjusting their offerings after the pandemic sharpened awareness of inequities between the foods they distribute and the diets of people of color. A Maine food bank is considering gift cards for ethnic grocers. (Food Bank News)

Pork and chicken lead: Pork and chicken contributed mightily to a U.S. trade surplus in meat in 2020; broiler meat edged pork as the leader in export volume. (Economic Research Service)