Today’s quick hits, April 18, 2019

Poultry workers get a better contract (Albany Herald): Some 1,800 workers at a Tyson plant in Georgia won a stronger contract that includes lower health care expenses, a general wage increase, and seniority rights.

Rural health insurance option, with a catch (Harvest Public Media): The Kansas Farm Bureau wants to market health benefit plans at lower rates than the federal healthcare exchange, although it would be able to turn away applicants with pricey healthcare needs.

Wheaties, breakfast of regenerative agriculture (KXMA-TV): Gabe Brown, a North Dakota farmer and author of “Dirt to Soil,” received a commemorative Wheaties box with his name and photo on the front from General Mills’ sustainability team as a thank-you for his work in regenerative agriculture.

Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule on mega-dairy (Green Bay Press Gazette): The state’s highest court will take up a case to decide if state regulators have the authority to require a large dairy farm, which plans to expand to 9,000 cows, to monitor well water for signs of pollution by farm runoff.

Iowa Senate passes hemp bill (AP): On a 49-1 vote, the state Senate passed and sent to the House a bill to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in Iowa, with a limit of 40 acres per licensed grower.