Today’s quick hits, April 16, 2019

Million of pigs threatened in China (BusinessDay): China could cull or otherwise lose up to 200 million hogs as an outbreak of African swine fever spreads through the country, according to Rabobank.

Better than the real thing (Washington Post): Burger King says the Impossible Whopper has been selling briskly during a trial in St. Louis, and food writer Tim Carman suggests that patrons may not be able to distinguish between the all-beef original Whopper and its plant-based rival.

Flood impact on land values ebbs with water levels (DTN/Progressive Farmer): The value of most of the farmland that was flooded this spring is unlikely to change much, say real estate experts. At the same time, for fields buried beneath sand or affected by shifting river channels, the impact could be severe.

Farm labor action needed now (The Packer): The number of farmworkers is declining, threatening domestic fruit and vegetable production, said the National Council of Agricultural Employers, which is calling for Congress to pass an ag labor bill this year, before the 2020 campaign season blocks legislative action.

FDA moving on voluntary salt targets (Politico): The Food and Drug Administration is expected to release voluntary targets for reducing salt content in food, though the agency is facing pushback from trade groups intent on derailing the proposal.