New format for Ag Insider

In an effort to improve FERN’s Ag Insider, we are modifying the way we aggregate news items. We will now offer one- or two-sentence summaries of articles produced by other news organizations, with a direct link to the story. These ¬†links will appear on the Ag Insider website, and also in the daily newsletter, under the headline “Quick hits.” On the website they will be in front of our paywall.

This will mean a slight shift in our emphasis away from aggregation and toward original bylined items by Chuck Abbott, Leah Douglas and other FERN writers, many of which will remain paywalled. We believe readers recognize the added value of the original items, which continue to get the most attention on FERN’s Ag Insider. We think this change will also speed your reading of the short news items.

We look forward to hearing your comments about this redesign.


FERN editors