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Shannon Service has reported from Iraq, Palestine, and Israel; hosted multiple national television programs; and launched a mobile-based reporting project for YouTube. She has written articles and produced video for the Bay Citizen, New York Times, Utne Reader, PBS's Need To Know, and NPR's Morning Edition. In 2011, Shannon won the Knight Award for Best Environmental and Science Reporting.
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Palau’s Plans to Ban Commercial Fishing Could Set Precedent for Tuna Industry

The Pacific nation wants to conserve fish for its economy and marine reserves. How will this impact the fishing industry? The Pacific island-nation of Palau is close to kicking all commercial fishingvessels out of its tropical waters. The move will single-handedly section off more than 230,000 sq miles of ocean, an area slightly smaller than France, […]

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Shark finning proves tough to eradicate, even in ‘green’ Costa Rica

If you want to learn how to smuggle shark fins into Costa Rica, ask Captain Jose Calderon in the Pacific port of Puntarenas. “When the inspector came to check the freezers,” Calderon says with a chuckle, “they’d never check the engine room. So we’d hide all the fins in the engine room.” Shark finning — […]

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The Saudi Arabia of Sashimi

Eight tiny Pacific island nations banded together to fight pirates and change the rules of the sea.

In the ice-cold cargo hold of a pirate tuna vessel in the Pacific, I have somehow lost my shoe. Frozen tuna fins slice my unshod foot as I fumble around on all fours, reaching into the gigantic, frigid pile. I had boarded the pirate ship Heng Xing 1 with the crew of a Greenpeace vessel, theEsperanza, which […]

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Unlicensed Fishermen

Tuna’s Last Stand

In early January, scientists released jaw-dropping data showing that bluefin tuna in the North Pacific will soon be “functionally extinct.” A favorite of Japanese sushi lovers, Pacific bluefin is now so overfished, they said, that only 4 percent of its population remains. Earlier this month, a single bluefin sold for $1.7 million at Tokyo’s Tsukiji […]

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